If you’re at home and the kids are beginning to get on each other’s nerves, here are a few ideas I have for projects they can do together:

  • Time them (5mins) to find bits and bobs from their room that can be used in model making. Make it a competition to find the most amount and the most unusual. Providing you are happy to let them use it- it will clear their room of tat and save you having to buy expensive craft items.
  • Keep items what you would usually recycle, such as plastic bottles, cardboard, egg boxes etc. for model making.
  • Make models of a spring garden, Easter scenes, replicate Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory using what you have. Shoe boxes are great for this.
  • Clear a small space in the house to keep everything together, so it can continue over a period of days/ weeks.
  • Choose an era (Victorians) or interesting place in the world (The Caribbean) to research. Can they cook, dress up, act out what they have found out?
  • Could you set a challenge with friends or family who you are currently unable to see and produce dances, songs, fairy gardens, dinosaur lands, paintings, Powerpoints, anything- and Skype each other to present the final results in the evening?

And on behaviour- get empty glass jars for each sibling and have them decorate it in their own way. Every time your child is kind, considerate, shares something with a sibling- whatever you deem as positive behaviour- put a dry pasta shell in their jar (pasta might be a bit controversial, haha). This can be a healthy competition between siblings with a simple reward at the end such as baking or they get first dibs on a film etc. Try think of free resources and rewards in this difficult and uncertain time.