We’re about a month into the ‘new normal‘ school term. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say there was a lot of anxiety around my daughter returning for her final year of primary school. As schools around us shut down by the bubble, we seem to be doing O.K. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that there have been quite a few advantages to this new school life.

Like with most things, the thought of it was worse than the reality. The strict guidelines, the tough protocols and rigid timetables made us think of Victorian-style schooling- no thanks.

In truth, COVID regs have simplified the social dynamics in school. There seems to be less drama between friendship groups and a clear focus on a stripped back curricum. It is a heads-down get-working approach but it does seem to have offered some simplicity to school life, if not for the short-term at least. She isn’t complaining about the complicated systems and levels, trying to jump through hoops to tick boxes etc. The work is ‘doable’ and she is happy to come home and crack on with the basic homework. The My Home Study cards for Year 6 are proving a useful tool for homework too so I’m reassured she is working at the right pitch for her age.

I know this may not prove great in the long term, but I do think there is something to be said for stripping things back every once in a while and allowing everyone to realign and adjust at a steady pace.

If you want to know what your child learns in a school year, check out these study cards for Years 1-6! I would love to hear about your experiences this during this new school term- please email me at teacher@myhomestudy.co.uk with your story.

Reception maths and English coming soon!