For those of you that do not know me, I’m Steph. A qualified primary school teacher and tutor. I specialised in English at university but ended up leading maths in two primary schools. I have taught across all the year groups at primary school, and have loved each one, all for very different reasons.

After twelve (mainly good) years as a class teacher and maths leader, the politics and bureaucracy of school life were just not for me. I had a greater calling, but couldn’t quite fathom out just what it was… Then it came to me!

WHAT if I could reach out to more children?

WHAT if I could reach out to their parents, offering them the tools and support to guide their children at home?

I wasn’t sure quite how I would do it, but I knew right there, at that moment, this is where my heart lay. From here, My Home Study was born. Or at least, the idea was.

Although I am still in the very early stages, my videos, blogs, study cards and workbooks are all designed with you in mind. I know that, as a parent, trying to remember how to multiply fractions or remember what on earth an adverb does, adds an element of pressure to the homework routine. I want to enable you to have time-efficient ways to access and recall the exact explanations, demonstrations and resources that are needed at your fingertips and that are perfectly aligned to the exact year group for the national curriculum.

My mission is simple. I want to bring to you the tools, guidance and resources to support your child’s learning at home. This might be because you have decided to home educate, want to support with homework or give your child the extra practice of skills they are currently learning. Whatever your reasons are, I hope you gain value from my content and are able to use this to support your child in the best way.

Steph x