The idea behind My Home Study is that it is a tool for learning and supporting aspects of the curriculum which your child finds difficult or you find tricky to explain. It has been designed to be used alongside homework and homeschooling so this, combined with parental support will provide your child with the skills they need. 

Both. The tutorials are designed to be short and to the point- perfect for parents needing a refresh and great for children needing reminders. 

Parents watch the videos to recap on key concepts and to see the level of expectations for that year group. They then use this as a tool to further support their child with that area of learning. 

Children watch the videos to revise topics learned at school or to deepen their understanding around this area. They use the online quiz and downloadable worksheets to further practice their skills. 

£3.99 per month or £40.00 per annual. 

Yes, you can cancel at anytime. Although, we hope you stay. If you have a specific concern, please do contact us at teacher@myhomestudy.co.uk 

Ages 5-11

England and Wales: primary school Yr 1-6

Scotland: P2- P7

Northern Ireland: Yr 2 -7


You can, but our parents found this didn’t really address the topics specifically aligned to that curriculum year expectations. YouTube can be useful but is very saturated with many American methods and terminology which is not appropriate to support learning through the national curriculum.  

I’m glad you asked. 

I’m a fully qualified primary school teacher with over twelve years experience. During this time, I successfully led maths over two primary schools and underwent extensive training around teaching. More recently, I have used these skills to run a successful tutoring service which I am now expanding.