I’m Steph.  A mum to two girls, Poppy and Lydia, and an experienced primary school teacher. Throughout my twelve-year career, I have supported many parents and carers who are looking for ways to access support and knowledge about what their children should be learning at primary school. 

As a full-time teacher with a heavy workload, it was impossible for me to fully break down teaching methods and give detailed explanations of all the terminology used for each year group to each parent. This led to a barrier between school and home- parents wanted to help with homework and support further learning but were nervous to in case they confused their children.

With this in mind, My Home Study was born. A platform for children, parents and carers to access clear, concise information that is aligned to the national curriculum. Watch short demonstrations for all the main topics taught from Year 1-6. Support learning through quizzes and worksheets as well as handy flashcards to have at home. My mission is simple: to help you to help them. I want to give you the knowledge and confidence to tackle homework and further learning in a stress-free, manageable way. 

Achieve Success

Children will become more confident and skilled in English and maths.

Build Confidence

Break down the barrier with easy to understand, manageable demonstrations and explanations.

Personal Development

Learn useful terminology and methodology for topics in English and maths.